Hello and Welcome to your new toxin free life

I'm Rachna. I'm a wife and Mum to 2 beautiful little monkey's
I am always searching for natural ways to healing my family, I love creating healthy organic food and trying to get my kids to eat it and I adore making new natural DIY products to use in my home.  
Beyond all of these things I am an avid researcher, always looking out for what is best for my family and in turn sharing my finds with all of you.
My passion is helping people live their healthiest lives, emotionally and physically. 
In 2013 We lost a baby mid-way through my pregnancy, It was one of the most devastating moments of my life, we were told that 'these things happen' and 'there was no reason why'  - But how could this be? How can there be no reason that a seemingly healthy baby just died?  I started looking into it a little more and it seems that it pretty common, along with so many other illnesses and conditions - that there seem to be no known reason why they occur.  
I slowly started to believe that the sheer number of toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis - be it through our cleaning products, food, drink, beauty products and the like - I slowly started switching over all of the chemical and toxin filled products in our home to safe and natural alternatives.
I now teach Mums how to have natural solutions on hand to create a non-toxic environment based to keep you and your children happy and healthy, we can't stop all these things happening in our lives but we can but we can certainly give it a good go.
At that same time I stopped work and stayed at home to look after my 2 beautiful children that did make it into this world, and I found a company that I love, that is so ethical, and that enables me to live the lifestyle I longed for - to work from home and still have enough to do the things we love - Are you looking for the same thing? I can show you how too - Just ask.
Having the tools to improve your family's health naturally, is empowering. It's what I help people do. So come on in and in learn more!