Hello Mumma…Welcome to your new toxin free life

I'm Rachna. I'm a wife and Mum to 2 beautiful little monkey's

I am a toxin free DIY queen, I help Eco Conscious Mums to create a toxin free environment for themselves and their families by teaching them how to use natural ingredients to create alternatives to everyday chemical filled products.

I’ve been eco aware for a long time now, recycling for as long as I can remember, but I never really thought about the actual effects that the toxins that our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis have on our very development and also on the environment. 

When we decided to have children, it was easy – I became pregnant straight away, with no no issues, it was a textbook pregnancy – I even got the waterbirth that I had dreamed of. 
Back then I was still always aware – I didn’t take any medication during my pregnancy not even paracetamol – well until labour began anyway  

2 years later round 2 – again I became pregnant pretty easily, life was amazing, my belly and my dreams were beginning to grow. 

Then it happened – my entire life changed course – the darkest moment in my pretty ‘normal’ life up until now – 20 weeks into my pregnancy my waters broke and my baby boy didn’t survive, I was so blissfully unaware that anything like this could ever happen – you know after your 12 week scan it’s all ok right! All plain sailing until the end, I had heard of full term still births but that kind of thing happens to other people…not me 
We were going to find out what we were having this time – 20 week scan was all booked in and the excitement was building would my Son be getting a brother or sister… 

The day before that 20 week scan was booked I give birth to a baby boy – we named him Vinay - We never got to take home.

The following weeks were a blur and the test results came back inconclusive – I was told that there was no reason that this had happened – I’m a scientist I have a logical brain – there had to be a reason…there can’t possibly be no reason. 

It was then that I started to think about toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis through our toiletries, cleaning products, laundry products, food, medication…you name it and it likely has some sort of chemical or toxin in it – and the more I looked into it the more I realised that there were better alternatives out there – people just don’t know about them. These things are hormone disruptors and can effect development – and I am convinced that this is a massive contributor to the high rates of baby loss in the UK as well as so many illnesses.

So 17 months on and 2 more miscarriages later my beautiful daughter was born, we even gave her the middle name Lalita which means beautiful. I went back to my job as an accountant when she was 8 months old – I literally cried every day – after all that we had been through I could not bear to leave her or my older Son to be looked after by someone else, My husband and I decided that I would leave work until she started school. We could just about manage financially.

Meanwhile my knowledge of toxins and chemicals invading our lives in every possible way was growing and I started making my own products – it started with cleaning products, moved onto soaps and bathing products to help my husband’s skin conditions which were getting worse – probably due to the fact that he was so stressed at having to support us all.

I wanted to do something to help, I felt so useless – a girl with 2 degrees, a qualified accountant sitting at home not making any money – I know I have the massive job of looking after our kids but still I felt like I needed to do something – but nothing that involved going back to my old job – I realised how much I hated it

doTERRA found me in December 2017 – My Husband bought me the starter kit as a Christmas and birthday present. I was already using essential oils in my home made products – cheap ones from the internet – I didn’t know any better – I had no intention of becoming a networking marketing professional – but I couldn’t help myself when I saw what the company stands for and just how much I loved the products and how easily they fit into our lives and helped me to achieve my dreams and goals of reducing as many of the toxins in our home as possible. 

Once I started using them I couldn’t help but tell everyone I know about them – and that’s it, that is network marketing – and now it’s enabling me to reach more people to tell them of the dangers of toxins and chemicals, helping the environment by reducing waste and earn a decent living while I’m at it – maybe we’ll even get a holiday this year.