My medicine cabinet and cleaning cupboard


Look at these beautiful little bottles - and that is just what they are - natures medicine 

Over the past 18 months I have slowly incorporated these little beauties into my everyday life. From when I wake and rub a drop of balance on the sole of each foot to ground me for the beginning of the day, to the Wild Orange and Peppermint I put on to diffuse in the kitchen while my family and I eat breakfast, the On Guard and Melaleuca in my cleaning spray, the Lemon in my washing up liquid and a drop in my water, the diluted On Guard on my kiddies feet before I send them off to nursery and school, the Lavender in my Mascara, the Frankincense in my facial moisturising oil, not forgetting the beautiful blends I use as my perfume...the list goes on and on and on...this is just the morning.

I am so grateful that I found dōTERRA - they really are a gift from the Earth 

Lemon & Lime Shortbread - for my class

Like the look of these - come along to one of my classes and you will receive some sort of yummy dōTERRA treat :) 

Today as it was a 10am class I thought it was a little too early for anything too chocolatey or rich so I decided to make shortbread - Now this was a total trial as usually when I make cookies or biscuits of any sort they usually end up cooking into one HUGE cookie - well I surprised myself and these didn't - good job too so that the lovely ladies who came to this morning's class were able to have a nibble with their cuppa 

dōTERRA Food

I love using my oils to flavour food - Wild Orange, Peppermint and Chocolate go so well together 

Let me know if you would like some recipes - happy to share or even show you how to make them 

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doterra food.jpg
mint choc muffins.jpg