“Deep Blue Rub”

"I love the Deep Blue rub, it has been such a relief when the pains and tense feelings from my rheumatoid arthritis become unbearable and I now never leave the house without it!  There are so many products and peer-marketing companies around that I've been very reluctant to engage with any of them.  Having tried the dōTERRA products I'm sold!  For me it is also very important that the company itself is ethical and both 'Essentially All You Need' and dōTERRA absolutely meet all my requirements.  I am also very keen to live plastic free, and being able to make my own hand washing and cleaning products makes this much easier.  I highly recommend Rachna Stear as a contact/vendor /support too: she has done a lot of research (and seems to keep on top of it too), she listens very well to what I need/want and never pushes or 'upsells' - no pressure, it seems that for her it is about helping others use products and obtain a chemical-free home that she has successfully found herself.  (All this to the extentwhere I've unintentionally sold the company/products to strangers at the pub and train station!)" 

— Z.A.


"Loving the immortelle that came in the starter pack I bought from Rachna. It’s made my face so much better. Rachna also talked about the blood brain barrier, and how frankincense can pass through, and after looking it up myself I was so impressed and amazed, she really knows her stuff.)" 

— S.D.